EUPavilion A proposal for the European Pavilion at the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale
#2 Workshop 17.06 – 5.07.2019 W.A.Ve. Workshop Architettura Venezia Università Iuav di Venezia Magazzino 6 - Aula 1.8 5.07– 7.07.2019 Final Exhibition Photos by Giorgio de Vecchi Guest lecturer Carlo Libero Palazzolo Guest critics Guido Tesio – Ganko Francesco Zorzi – Raumplan #1 Towards a European Architecture 11.05.2019 Europe City Milano Triennale di Milano Stefano Boeri, Pier Paolo Tamburelli and Paola Viganò Moderated by EUPavilion #0 EUPavilion “Europe is not a continent, it is a cultural entity”1 The EUPavilion project is part of the broader debate about Europe as a cultural entity and not just as a defined geographic area or a political and economic organisation. The construction of such an entity is only possible through the recognition and representation of a set of shared values and a common political agenda. Reflecting on the relationship between the EU institutions and architecture is a fundamental step in the quest for such values. Only a critical approach to such matters can result in a project of significant collective value. In fact, the so called “Iconographic deficit”2 of the EU is partly due to the lack of a clear and bold project that engages with space, architecture and monuments. The EUPavilion project aims to raise awareness of the public on these issues, by means of design. 1 Vittorio Gregotti, Arcipelago Europa, 1998 2 OMA, Content, 2004 EUPavilion is a project by Anna Livia Friel (IUAV phd), Benjamin Gallegos Gabilondo and Marco Provinciali (Supervoid Architects) __________________________________


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